When a job is done, it is done.


No project is too big or too small.

We believe that every client deserves quality no matter how big or small the project. With an emphasis on erecting safe, timely and affordable structures, we meet with you and your team to go over your individual process to ensure codes, consistency and personal criteria are met.

When you choose Ralph E. Tolbert Masonry's bid or call them to start the construction, you invest in craftsmanship, experience, partnership with trusted contractors and leadership that guarantees solid infrastructures – both relationally and through brick, stone and block.

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Large commercial projects from the ground up.

Winning the bid for the St. Paul United Methodist Church in 1997 launched Ralph E. Tolbert’s reputation for successfully overseeing large projects. Now our extended team is able to oversee dozens of such projects from the ground up. As with all construction projects, it is integral we maintain in constant contact with all partners involved in the construction site to ensure that the project stays within budget, schedule and blueprint vision.

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Preserving the past, constructing a future.

Everything is intentional when it comes to masonry restoration projects. We begin by working closely with those associated with the landmark to better understand and appreciate the history of the building. Our business is to identify the areas of structural damage and potential danger with a goal to replicate the original plans in an effort to maintain the same facade appeal, while remaining compliant to the highest standards of code. With highly skilled team members, we are able to accomplish the most minute details without compromising durability and longevity.

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Collaborating on the many facets of industry.

With an extensive line of equipment and team to handle industrial projects, Ralph E. Tolbert Masonry collaborates with the owners, engineers, architectures and all general contractors involved to manage and oversee the many facets that are involved in special projects. Due to their outcome, industrial building projects are integral to maintaining community sustainability; as a company we value and respect your part in creating future jobs. We strive to help you efficiently build a place that has the ability to impact the lives near and far.

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If it is part of your home life, it’s part of ours.

Although Ralph E. Tolbert Masonry's outreach has expanded, continually enhancing the foundations and finishes of notable buildings and structures, we had humble beginnings. Our business was rooted in the desire to help people build a house in areas where they desired. And that mission still makes us one of the most experienced masonry contractors in the area. Whether it’s as simple as your mailbox or fireplace, if it’s part of your life, it’s part of ours.

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